Essay writing and completion of other academic tasks are some of the greatest problems in universities for the majority of students. Regrettably, modern studying facilities don’t invest enough time into explaining what to do with essays. Teachers may throw in some difficult instructions and expect students to adapt. As a result, many individuals get genuinely confused in this system, falling into the experience of constant anxiety and overwork. Writing is not simple: it requires constant improvement. Our service is a solution to your writing problems.


With our assistance, you can significantly decrease the amount of pressure that can befall you in everyday work. Use DoMyWriting and improve your skills in creating essays today! Want to learn more about our services? Then, read on and find out what we have to offer.

DoMyWriting: The leader in quality

The first thing we would like to mention is the quality of our services. We do our best to ensure that you get the papers done according to your instructions. Firstly, we have a thorough process of selection for our writers: only individuals with strong English skills can be accepted. Secondly, all of our experts undergo the control of the quality assurance managers. As a result, we are capable of selecting only the best writers for our business. More importantly, our education process allows us to constantly perfect the skills of those individuals who already work for us. The end result is an essay of the highest quality. And, what if something goes wrong with our quality control process? After all, perfection is rarely possible. In that case, DoMyWriting fixes any problems that emerge or provides a money-back guarantee, which will be described in one of the next sections.

Our best academic writing service covers all sorts of papers

We can complete tasks of any kind at your request. In this regard, we can offer assistance regarding the following types of papers:

  1. Essays of different types and forms.
  2. Research papers from high school to PhD level.
  3. Book reviews.
  4. Editing tasks of various forms.
  5. Resume and cover letter preparation.
  6. Different types of everyday assignments in your courses.

In short, with us, you can receive original pieces of writing for a tremendous number of papers. After that, you will be able to improve your skills, using the sample that we provide to you.

Do my writing: No tolerance for plagiarism

Another subject to consider is the problem of plagiarism. We know that many students who seek assistance are afraid that the papers they get can be plagiarized content. To address this, DoMyWriting team does its best to ensure that you get 100% original essays.

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Firstly, we urge our writers to invest as much time into the knowledge of proper citations and source usage as possible. Our experts do their best to fit the most thorough information attribution demands that come from the universities and colleges.

Secondly, we have our in-house anti-plagiarism software that helps to detect the majority of coincidences if they occur. We check the paper for plagiarism before it gets to you. As a result, no chance remains that any of the content we provide to the student can be plagiarized.

With our service, there is no reason to worry about the originality of your papers. The samples we offer perfectly represent the thorough nature of our business, its adherence to discipline. And what if our anti-plagiarism promises fail? For rare cases like this, we have a potent money-back guarantee, for which we will give more information in the next sections.

The advantages of our academic writing service

Our academic writing service presents many advantages to every student. We would like to list them all in this section for you to understand the pros of our assistance:

  • Money-back guarantee. If something goes wrong with your order, you can always ask for a refund. Our team will then look into your request and offer some type of compensation if your claim proves to be reasonable. We care about the safety of your funds, and we only charge you for the paper that meets your instructions in full.
  • Free revisions. Before you approve your essay or within 7 days after approval, we can provide you with revisions of your papers free of charge. Did your writer misunderstood the instructions, so you need some major changes? We are more than ready to help you. Need some style changes or dislike the wording in certain paragraphs? We are at your service. Want some minor structural changes that are within the scope of your instructions? Our writers are always ready to assist you. With us, you will never be stranded if some modifications are necessary for your orders. As long as you offer rational propositions within your instructions, we are ready to implement them.
  • Strong adherence to confidentiality. In our company, we make the maximal investment into the confidentiality of our customers. Firstly, we only collect the necessary minimum of information from clients. Secondly, our service utilizes safe banking and payment services, which are known for strong adherence to data security. Thirdly, we do not make any information about our clients public. In the majority of cases, you will remain absolutely anonymous, even for our experts. As a result, we are capable of doing our best regarding privacy.

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Communication with our academic essay writing service

Another issue that we often get asked about has to do with the communication in our academic writing service. After all, circumstances concerning orders can change at a tremendous pace. Hence, timely delivery of papers is important for every student. As for communication with our team, we can offer the following to our clients:

  • 24/7 support. Our other advantage is the ability of our support staff to provide a 24/7 service. Our specialists dedicate as much energy as necessary to ensure that we can process your requests in a fast and timely manner. As a result, you can contact us regarding any question whenever you want. We will then do our best to ensure that you get the service of the highest quality. With us, you can be sure that we will never leave you stranded with your orders.
  • Free chat with the writers. Another important feature that allows us to ensure fast communication is a free chat with your expert. When our writers are available, you can contact them to ask about any relevant questions or provide some important information about your order. And, what if your expert is unavailable? Then, our support team will do its best to contact the writer and get him or her to help you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Is DoMyWriting legit?

Many of our potential customers have a logical question, “How can we make sure that your service is legit?” In this regard, we have a clear answer. Yes, our service is legit. Why? Firstly, because we have more than 15 years of experience in the field of student help. Regarding this factor, we feature hundreds if not thousands of positive reviews that relate to our everyday work. You can find them on our website and on independent reviews platforms. Secondly, you can check whether our service is legit if you look at the free samples we offer. Ultimately, it is possible to get free studying help from our website. More importantly, the samples show the general quality of our service. Lastly, we have round-the-clock support assistance. You can contact us and ask all of your relevant questions at any point in time to check our legitimacy yourself.

How a student can get help from your website?

Here are a few words about the process of ordering papers from our website. We recommend doing the following to ensure maximal productivity:

  1. Collect maximal amounts of information about your order. Make sure you find as many necessary articles, books, and other materials as possible. You will significantly enhance the chances that some writer takes your order if you offer clear and complete data about it.
  2. Fill in all the necessary information on the website of our company. The interface is extremely user-friendly. You will receive options that describe order type, number of pages, and academic level. Besides, you will have to fill in all the necessary information about descriptions and upload files.
  3. Provide payment for the order. Use the payment systems that we cooperate with to complete the payment process. Buying a paper on our website is not very different in comparison to purchasing products from big websites that you use in everyday life. Order a paper from DoMyWriting today and receive some of the best original samples on your topic!